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Inspire Commerce™ and First Data Partnership

As of December 15, 2009, all new Inspire Commerce™ accounts will be processed using the power of the First Data platform. Now the number 1 processing company in the US is partnered with the number 1 for benefit merchant services provider.

About First Data

First Data is a global technology & payments processing leader, serving more than 5 million merchant locations, 2,000 card issuers & their customers & millions of consumers worldwide. Whether the choice of payment is a gift card, a credit or debit card or a check, First Data securely processes the transaction & harnesses the power of the data to deliver intelligence & insight for its customers.

Financial institutions, large & small businesses as well as government agencies rely on First Data to empower them to build stronger, more profitable customer relationships as commerce continues to transform.

Today, data is the new currency. Advances in processing technology enable us to learn from each transaction. And by harnessing the power of that data, we help our customers grow their businesses & take advantage of new market opportunities.

Our innovations in secure infrastructure, intelligence & insight empower our customers to move beyond “electronic payments” to embrace data-driven commerce, which incorporates data intelligently into every transaction.

First Data’s strategic focus is on delivering innovations in prepaid, eCommerce & mobile payments solutions. First Data also provides payment processing solutions such as fraud protection & authentication solutions, check guarantee & verification services & point-of-sale (POS) devices & service.

About Inspire Commerce™

Inspire Commerce, Inc. is a different type of merchant service provider. We are a triple bottom line company, aiming to not only benefit our stockholders & clients, but also the greater community we live in. All of our operating agreements take into consideration how our business touches the world around us. We were the first merchant services company in the world to offer the, “For Benefit Merchant Program,” which not only guarantees reduced fees for our partner companies, but also donates a minimum of 10% of our revenue stream to the non-profit of choice of our merchants. We believe that it is the responsibility of business to lead the push for healthy global change.

Our processing infrastructure is one of the largest electronic commerce platforms in the world, powering today’s global shift to a cashless economy. We process & safeguard every type of electronic payment method: Credit, debit & stored-value cards, electronic checks, internet commerce solutions & electronic funds transfers.