About Us

Since 2008, Inspire Commerce has been working with business owners, financial institutions, and technology companies all over the world to build, provide, and advocate for the right Credit Card, Gift Card, Loyalty Card, and eCheck processing solutions for their business.  

To accomplish this, we have remained committed to being an agnostic partner, only building technologies that increase merchant flexibility and leverage, opening up systems to greater choice.  We call this democratizing payments, building options that support freedom of choice rather than forcing partners into a single solution like many leading processors in our industry.

We have partnered with infrastructure providers from the USA, Europe, and Asia to accomplish this vision.  Merchant Services can be a very complex industry, but when you partner with Inspire Commerce, you are partnering with a company that has a commitment to your success with a vast foundation of experience within the industry.  We know we will only be successful if you are.