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Inspire Commerce, Inc. adds Clearent, LLC as First Tier Processing Partner


We have looked long & hard for a technology provider that meets our high level of standards for customer support, boarding & reporting. Clearent is the first & only payment processing company to design & build its technology from the ground up & around the objectives of total transparency & flexibility.


Just think about that for a moment—no legacy systems with bolted-on “upgrades” that are not fully integrated.

It is simple. Clearent allows us to provide payment processing solutions tailored to our client’s operation. Clearent offers differentiated core programs that are designed around the transaction types, service models & other unique needs of merchants, including:

  • Retail: Regardless if the merchant is a high volume/low dollar, low volume/high dollar operation, or anything in between, Clearent’s flexible solutions allow us to “right size” every contract with the best combination of payment options & fraud detection services.
  • Lodging: Here, the key to success is more about guest services than payment transactions. With Clearent, our merchants are equipped to handle every requirement—from currency conversion to holds upon check-in—expertly & efficiently & with a wide choice of payment devices.
  • Restaurant: Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs) along with casual & fine dining restaurants each have specific payment needs. Clearent can help deliver the best payment solutions at the lowest possible cost.
  • Petroleum: “Self-serve” & pay-at-the-pump options make quick, easy & convenient transactions more important than ever. Clearent has the solutions & support to make sure our customers’ payment experiences are positive, giving you peace of mind that they will return.
  • Convenience Store: Many convenience stores are also gas stations. With Clearent, you have the capability to offer these merchants a hybrid solution that gives them the best rate for both the pay-at-the-pump & small ticket “in-store” transactions.
  • MOTO: Mail Order/Telephone Order allows any size company to expand its geographic reach, but presents special challenges for payment acceptance. Clearent understands the benefits & risks of operating in a card-not-present environment, enabling us to support large & small customers with competitive pricing & service.

About Clearent

It is the first & only payment processing system based on a custom-built platform specifically engineered to deliver total transparency & provide clients with tools & insights to help make their merchant services business more profitable.

Clearent couples superior technology with equally impressive & trendsetting client service. With Clearent, every business partner is valued & treated as such. Clearent goes beyond transactions to interactions that build long-term mutually beneficial client relationships. If it sounds different, it is.

About Inspire Commerce, Inc.

Inspire Commerce, Inc. is a different type of merchant service provider. We are a triple bottom line company, aiming to not only benefit our stockholders & clients, but also the greater community we live in. All of our operating agreements take into consideration how our business touches the world around us. We were the first merchant services company in the world to offer the, “For Benefit Merchant Program,” which not only guarantees reduced fees for our partner companies, but also donates a minimum of 10% of our revenue stream to the non-profit of choice of our merchants. We believe that it is the responsibility of business to lead the push for healthy global change.

Our processing infrastructure is one of the largest electronic commerce platforms in the world, powering today’s global shift to a cashless economy. We process & safeguard every type of electronic payment method: Credit, debit & stored-value cards, electronic checks, internet commerce solutions & electronic funds transfers.