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CU.Pay Website Launch

CU.Pay is excited to announce the launch of our website, which goes live today, Monday April 1, 2014 and is located at:

The site is divided into three main sections: ‘Home’ – which includes our News Section, Team and Contact Information, ‘For Credit Unions’, ‘About Us’. By moving to a more partner-centric layout, we allow visitors to access information based on their own choice rather than sift through everything to decide what is of interest to them.

Our current and prospective partners will find detailed information about the products and services we offer in the ‘For Credit Union’ section.

The website will feature new types of rich content, inspired by our experience, gathered materials and our team working at CU.Pay. You will find this content in the ‘In The News…’ section in the form of articles, case studies, videos and presentations.

The website will be updated on a regular basis, with news of events that our team will attend. We will be encouraging prospective partners to contact us through the website If you experience any problems using the new website or if you have any suggestions, please contact us at