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CU.Pay LLC Launches


1009 Grant Street
Denver CO, 80203
Phone– 1 (303) 800-8433
Contact: Mark Fischer

CU.Pay LLC Announces New Global Credit Union Payment Platform Cooperative

CU.Pay LLC, the nation’s first credit union payment platform cooperative, announced the launch of the open payment platform initiative, CU.Pay, LLC.  Originally conceived as a vision in October of 2012, CU.Pay is a joint venture between Credit Union Strategic Partners, Inspire Commerce Inc., and Participating Credit Unions, Credit Union Services Leagues, and Service Organizations.

“Credit unions have always been the, ‘heroes of local™.’  They saw larger banking trends and wanted to help protect the interests of the direct communities they operate in.” says Mark Fischer, co-founder of CU.Pay.  Collectively, credit unions have more ATM’s than any bank in the United States, but because they are all left to fight on their own in contract negotiations, they have struggled to keep up on the technology front.  Fischer adds, “ aims to end that trend and leap frog the industry past the larger banking forces that are winning the technology battle today.”

When asked how the partnership began, co-founder Rick Cranston of the Mountain West Credit Union Association commented, “I was researching the mobile industry for months when I finally stumbled upon Inspire Commerce.  In them I saw not only technological excellence and vision, but a complete alignment of value stacks.  As a B Corporation, they think like Credit Unions.  I’m excited for what is to come.”

Although there are many options in the payment industry, CU.Pay is tailor made for Credit Union members across the country as a secure, easy option to keep their banking and business processing in the same place.

CU.Pay LLC is headquartered in Denver, CO with an office in Boulder, CO.

For additional information, contact:
Mark Fischer
Phone– 1 (303) 800-8433

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