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Boulder Flood

For those of you trying to contact us late last week, well, we were underwater so to speak. Boulder, as you may or may not know had a MAJOR event now declared a federal emergency. In less than 48 hours, we received more than half of our yearly rain totals, resulting in major flooding. Our offices remained dry, and our employees are all safe and dry. It’s a little miracle. Most of us spent the end of last week and the weekend helping friends in the community that were less fortunate. We are back working full time today.

While our hearts go out to so many that are suffering, we wanted to take a moment to highlight a company we think earned special love. Daya Khalsa rose above the call of duty this week. While we know he’ll be booked with work for months and months to come, we thought we’d tell a little story of community giving.

Daya frequents our home when we have issues. He’s been the one Handy Man we’ve seen that is on time, conscious, and competent as well as reasonable. (

While driving to a friend’s house I saw Daya looking tired at the house at the end of the block. I asked how he was doing, and he told me his story. Amazing. The house was one he rented, and his basement had flooded with an 8 foot fountain of sewerage exploding from his toilet the night before. The upstairs was livable with minimal losses.

I told him I was going to help my friends across the street, and he miraculously said, “well if you need anything, let me know. I have tools and can help.”

After being at my friends helping cut rugs and hawl, I noticed how wet the dry wall was. I knew it had to be removed, but didn’t have the skill set. So I walked over to Daya to ask him for guidance… how high above the water mark, do we remove insulation too, anything we need to know, etc.

Next thing I knew, he was walking over to the house with snap line to make sure we cut at the right height. Then he busted out his power tools like the “multi-tool,” to cut the dry wall out. He worked for a few hours and guided my friends in what to do. When they tried to pay him, he refused. It’s his job, but he just wanted to help people he didn’t know in a time of crisis.

We are so happy to be living and working in this amazing community. Thank you Daya for your amazing support, and thank you Boulder for being so awesome.