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Spreading the B Corp Love

Inspire Commerce does some pretty cool things as a business.  We love supporting our fellow B Corps, and to share and show that love, we go one step further than just donating 10% of our gross revenue to charity. In addition to the charitable donations, we also help offset our B Corp merchants’ annual B Lab certification fees.

What’s an annual B Lab certification fee? If your business decides to join the B Corp movement, part of that process is to pay annual dues.  These dues are based upon your company’s annual sales volume as a percentage of that amount.  For example, if your company has sales under $2M, your B Corporation dues are $500.  For more info, click here.

This week we cut our most recent check to B Lab on behalf of the B Corporations we work with.  Without going into specifics, we sent a check for well over $2,000.  We were excited to learn the other day that our most recent payment on behalf of one of the B Corps is being used for an even BETTER purpose.  This company has specified that B Lab uses their allocation toward the certification fees for B Corps that are just starting out and need help covering their fees.  This portion alone will cover 2 companies!  We’re excited to be helping out in such a fulfilling way.

Check out our B Corporation page for more info!