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Announcing our .pay™ brand solutions

Welcome To .pay™ (DOT PAY™) Brand
Financial Transaction Services, Products, Solutions & Resources

We are proud to announce our .pay™ (DOT PAY™) brand of Financial Transaction services, products, solutions & resources.  .pay™ brand technologies power the core of the Inspire Commerce™ Processing Platform as well as InspirePay™.

.pay™ brand technologies are patent pending.

Our website & trained customer service associates are able to assist you with all your Financial Transaction-related needs, including:

  • Merchant Services
  • Payment Services
  • eCheck Solutions
  • Monetary Request Engines
  • Gateway Services
  • Digital Wallets, Gateway Services, P2P Payments…
  • And much more!
With InspirePay™, getting paid is as easy as sending a payment request using .pay™ brand technologies in a URL link, text link, tweet, facebook post, and the list goes on. You even get a web page created by us, hosted by us, and we even manage your DNS for you to send all of your customers so they can pay in one easy place…and yes, it’s all powered by .pay™.