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2013 UBA Fall Compliance Conference

Last week, the Utah Banker’s Association held their 2013 Fall Compliance Conference:

As stated on their website:
As bank compliance officers continually move through the mutating and sometimes spooky web of compliance, it’s essential to have a laser focus on current and upcoming rules and regulations, all while keeping a keen eye on what it will take for their bank to be successful living under Dodd Frank. This year’s conference has been carefully designed to provide timely information on the most pressing issues facing compliance officers today.

Our CEO, Mark Fischer, spoke at the conference on the topic of:  E-Wallet and the Death of Interchange

What is E-wallet? How is it defined? What does this mean for your business? With new and innovative ways to pay for merchandise, E-wallet is an emerging solution that may create some sticky situations a business might encounter when implementing this service into their operations. Join us to untangle the web of issues and learn how this technology is creeping up and changing the payment industry.