About Us

We are a triple bottom line credit card processing company offering eCommerce, Retail and Mobile Solutions. Our innovative technologies are aimed at simplifying and improving the lives of business owners, employees, customers, and developers.

Inspire Commerce is a B Corporation

We became a Certified B Corporation to align with like-minded businesses whose focus is on economic, social, and environmental responsibility. We are proud to support the B Corporation movement and the change it represents in the marketplace.

Inspire Commerce is proud to be a part of the B Corporation community. We are focused on creating the largest collective benefit possible in the world in which we as businesses and individuals operate. We are committed to fostering a future where both merchants and their customers have clear and affordable options for requesting and receiving payments.

*We offer the For Benefit Merchant Program, which both guarantees reduced fees for our merchants, as well as donates a minimum of 10% of our revenue stream to our merchants’ non-profit of choice.

*We love supporting our fellow B Corps, and to share and show that love, we go one step further. In addition to the charitable donations, we also help offset our B Corp merchants’ annual B Lab certification fees.

*As a triple bottom line company, Inspire Commerce is committed to corporate social responsibility. We believe that business success is measured through profits, people, and the planet.

.pay™ (DOT PAY™)

Our development platforms are poised to revolutionize payments, by helping to weave together the currently disparate emerging payment networks on the market. We created one API that connects to all online payment methods — InspirePay. InspirePay is the first application launched to demonstrate the power of the universal API.

InspirePay is designed to bring both payment options and simplicity to the world’s growing base of solopreneurs. The ultimate goal of InspirePay is to become the easy, online way to accept payments from anyone for anything.