PayFac as a Service – Payment Facilitator

Inspire Commerce is proud to offer PayFac as a Service through in house and strategic partner channels.

What is a PayFac?

A PayFac is a Payment Facilitator, or Master Merchant style merchant account.  If you run a company with multiple sub-merchants OR if your customers THINK they are paying someone other than your company, you are required under current credit card brand rule sets to setup your company as a Payment Facilitator (or to partner with one who can provide this service).

Inspire Commerce can provide the following Services:

  • Sub-Merchant Account Boarding / Setup through a Consolidated API:
    • Business Credit and Business Verification Services
    • Evaluate Credit Bureau Data
    • Evaluate the credit worthiness of companies and private individuals as potential sub-merchants.
  • Risk Management
    • Portfolio Management
    • Fraud Reimbursement Services for Fraudulent Activity
    • Credit Risk Management
  • Security Auditing
  • Account Authorization and Settlement of Funds including:
    • Split Payments (including Split Authorizations)
    • Account Transfers To Other Sub Merchants (For more complex Split Payments).
    • Financial Administration of Credit Card and Debit Card accounts, as an alternative to ACH backed bank settlement.
      • Including Issuance of Debit Cards For new Accounts and Lost Cards.