The Inspire B Corporation Partnership

Inspire Commerce, Inc. is pleased to announce that in 2008, it introduced a new partnership focused on B Corporations.  B Corporations are for-profit social enterprises & triple bottom line businesses which have been certified as meeting a high standard of social & environmental performance.

Why did Inspire Commerce™ create a B Corporation partnership?

Inspire Commerce, Inc. is a different type of merchant service provider. We are a B Corporation ourselves & a company that aims to not only benefit our stockholders & clients, but also the greater community we live in. All of our operating agreements take into consideration how our business touches the world around us. We were the first merchant services company in the world to offer a program aimed at raising money for our merchant’s social causes, as a large percentage of our gross revenue stream, which not only guarantees reduced fees for our partner companies, but also donates a minimum of 10% of our revenue stream to the non-profit of choice of our merchants. We believe that it is the responsibility of business to lead the push for healthy global change.

Our processing infrastructure is one of the largest electronic commerce platforms in the world, powering today’s global shift to a cashless economy. We process & safeguard every type of electronic payment method: Credit, debit & stored-value cards, electronic checks, internet commerce solutions & electronic funds transfers.

By partnering with some of the largest publicly traded financial companies in the world, we are an industry leader providing advanced solutions that most payment service companies cannot provide. The benefit of a robust infrastructure & worldwide network of services & providers makes Inspire Commerce the logical solution to payment processing requirements.

Inspire Commerce™ does not want to be in the position of determining what is or is not a social enterprise or triple bottom line business & so it has identified B Corporation as a partner who can provide the same screening/certification ‘services’ for for-profit social enterprise & triple bottom line business that the IRS provides in ‘certifying’ 501c3 nonprofit organizations.

What is the “Inspire Partnership?”

In our Inspire B Corporation™ Program, not only will we donate 10% of our revenue to your non-profit of choice, we will contractually agree to pay up to 10 basis points of your processing volume to B Corporation for any sales that you process using our credit card transaction business services (Visa / MC / Discover).   This money can be used to offset your B Corporation certification fees.


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